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Since 1999, Light Source 1, Inc. has provided fiber optic solutions for companies such as : MCI Worldcom, Level 3, and One Wilshire to name a few. Light Source 1, Inc. is based in the heart of Los Angeles, CA. We specialize in fiber optic splicing and testing throughout California. Our Staff has over 15 years of experience in the industry. We are trained and certified, friendly, reliable, affordable, qualified, licensed, insured and bonded (CA License #832165, NV License #0077198).

Inside Plant

Design and Installation of all the cabling and equipment installed in a telecommunications facility, including the main distribution frame (MDF) and all the equipment extending inward, such as PABX or central office equipment, MDF heat coil protectors, grounding systems, Fiber Optic Networks, copper cabling, and all connectorizing.

Outside Plant

Design and Installation of all of the physical cabling and supporting infrastructure (such as conduit, cabinets, tower or poles), and any associated hardware (such as repeaters) located between a demarcation point in a switching facility and a demarcation point in another switching center or customer premises.

Security & CCTV

We are experts in network security with firewalls, intrusion detection systems, security software but, the physical side of security is often just as important. All the firewalls in the world won’t help you if your assets are on premises, where anyone can go in, pick them up, and walk out the door. That’s why things like locks, biometric scanners, and cameras exist.

Riser Management

Our company takes pride in the fact that we can effectively pair with property owners and site managers in developing internal policies with regards to the proper usage of the building’s cabling system. Riser Management secures the building telecommunication wiring from where the local phone company’s phone terminal exists to each unit.

Power Generator Rentals

Whether it’s planned power for a large-scale project or an emergency power outage resolution, generator/UPS solutions from Lightsource 1, Inc provide efficient, reliable, and cost-effective rental power of all shapes and sizes to a wide range of industries. We operate region wide and provide local technicians to promptly deliver our generator/UPS solutions.

OPPC / Ground Wire

For larger utility level work many times Optical Phase Conductor (OPPC) or Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) is deployed to extend fiber optic networks. Because of the nature of this environment, being around highly energized power cables it takes a highly experienced technician to do the job correctly. Lightsource 1, Inc are certified experts nationwide for installation, splicing, testing, and maintenance.

Remote Hands

Since we are located in the telecommunications hub of the west coast we know a lot of our customers run services remotely. This is why we have become the leader in remote hands services. Essentially if you have a problem in a data center we are here 24/7 to help you. For trouble shooting, maintenance, installations, and more. We cover the entire area for a wide variety of services.

Supply Sales

Lightsource 1, Inc has a full fledged retail location for all of your network and server related supplies located in the 1st floor of the One Wilshire building in downtown Los Angeles. Our location is fully stocked and manned by our experts to solve all of your needs whether your needs are big or small we can assist you. Our retail location is open 9am – 5pm PST Monday – Friday (excluding national holidays).

Why Choose Us

Certified Technitians

Our staff holds several certifications from Cisco, Apple, ISC, OSHA, Dell, and more. We regularly retest and renew our federal, state, and local certifications on a regular basis.

Respected Reputation

Our company always holds our reputation in its highest esteem. With a large list of current Fortune 500 clientele and several local businesses our work ethic and quality have earned us constant repeat business.

Vast Experience

We have been an industry leader for over 10 years. Each of our technicians have a long resume in their respective fields with several industry accolades to match.

Centrally Located

Light Source 1, Inc is centrally located in the heart of Los Angeles – at the main hub of the internet for the entire Pacific Rim. Our location allows us to respond and react quickly to any of your requests. See why many Fortune 500 companies choose Light Source 1, Inc. for their fiber optic needs.

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Who Are We?

Lightsource 1, inc. is a company that is recognized as one of the most forward thinking in our industry, providing a wide range of innovative solutions across our core disciplines and specialities that deliver best value and best practice whilst offering tangible rewards. We are dynamic in our approach having a wealth of experience in working for major contractors and clients across many sectors and on some of the largest and most prestigious projects seen in the United States.