Riser Management

Our company takes pride in the fact that we can effectively pair with property owners and site managers in developing internal policies with regards to the proper usage of the building’s cabling system. These policies are to be followed by existing and current tenants in the same way that vacating tenants ought to follow the proper ways of cable removal of things that can not be used. To find out more about our riser management services please visit our our riser management website at

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CCTV / Security

Installation of network compatible, digital video (IP) cameras and video servers with recorders –pc based DVR, embedded DVR and mobile DVR – Fixed and PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) security cameras – HID card access readers and keypad / fingerprint / remote control devices for doors. Visit for more information.

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Fiber Optic Supplies

As a contractor, Light Source 1, Inc. can arrange to have materials and supplies you need at an affordable price. Whether it is for a job we are doing for you, or a job you are doing. We have great prices on cat5, cables, connectors, panels and other supplies. Visit our retail store location at the One Wilshire Building in Downtown Los Angeles or our website at

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Power Generator Rentals

Whether it’s planned power for a large-scale project or an emergency power outage resolution, generator/UPS solutions from Lightsource 1 provide efficient, reliable, and cost-effective rental power of all shapes and sizes to a wide range of industries. We operate region wide and provide local technicians to promptly deliver our generator/UPS solutions to ensure continued, reliable service. Contact Lightsource today and learn how implementing a generator/UPS solution with our specialized fleet of power equipment can solve your temporary generator and UPS power needs.

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Inside Plant

Design and Installation of Fiber Optic Networks – Fiber Optic Cabling and Terminating – Pre-manufactured and Customized Fiber – Optic Jumpers – Fiber Panels – Independent Testing and Certifications – Fiber Raceway – Fiber inner duct – Wall-mount and Freestanding Cabinets and Racks – Fiber Optic Fusion – 24 Hour Emergency Restoration – Cable Testing (Otdr) Power Meter – Cable Tray and Raceways.



Outside Plant

Installation of Fiber Optic Cabling – Fiber Optic Cabling and Connectorizing – Reel Testing – Testing and Certifications – Fiber Optic Fusion – Cable Testing (Otdr) (Power Meter) – 24 Hour Emergency Restoration – Hot cuts (Ring Cuts) Midspan – Splice Cases and Conduit.

OPPC / Optical Ground Wire

Optical Ground Wire is used in the construction of electric power transmission and distribution lines. An OPGW cable is between the tops of high-voltage electricity pylons with optical fibers running through the center of a thick braided steel cable. Lightsource 1, inc has a lot of experience in this arena and one of the few firms able to do this sort of work.